Animal Assisted Therapy: How Animals Assist in the Recovery Process

Everyday humans seem to be finding a new way to get addicted to new substances and every year you see some new addicting condition come up. Luckily, we live in an era of scientific advancements, and scientific researchers are working hard day and night to come up with new and effective ways to treat addiction.

One such way that we will discuss here is the use of Animals and Animal Assisted Therapy in helping addicts recover from their problem. Animal Assisted therapy is relatively a new concept and only began to surface some 100 years ago with the development in the field of psychology. However, in this article, we will discuss that whether or not Animal Assisted therapy is effective or not.

How Does Animal Assisted Therapy Work?

We will evaluate the effectiveness of this therapy by seeing if it has proven benefits or not. Thankfully, it does have benefits, and they are as follows.

Firstly, research has shown that humans respond much more to animals and women do form an emotional bond with animals. Thus, they participate actively in the treatment process and take the initiative.

AAT has also been associated with the development and improvement of the social skills of an individual. The relationship formed with the animal translates into a good relationship with fellow humans.

AAT has been linked with improving the social esteem and boost the self-confidence of an individual which is the key to the road to recovery and treatment of addiction.

Animal Assisted theory has also been strongly linked to reducing stress, and clinical trials have shown that the reduced activity in the adrenal cortex area is the biological factor that causes this. This, in turn, reduces adrenaline and lowers stress which helps in improving the overall mood and boosting the self-esteem.

Many women have difficulty telling and opening up their problems to humans. But, the same is not applicable to animals as studies have shown that with an animal around patients tend to respond more positively to questions and treatment.

In the end, I would conclude by saying that the evidence so far conducted from various clinical trials suggests that animal-assisted therapy is indeed effective and does work. However, the studies conducted have not been enough to generalize the result and still much more research needs to be done to come to a conclusion.


ADHD Treatment

ADHD is increasingly becoming a common problem for many children around the world and is becoming worryingly irritating for their parents, teachers and relatives. If left untreated, ADHD can result in serious disruptions in the daily life of the child affected.

Everyday scientists spends hours doing research to find a complete cure for this condition but unfortunately at this moment there is no complete cure for ADHD but with proper treatment and care the symptoms can be reduced and it can ensured that the disorder won’t interrupt in the daily life of the child.

The treatment of ADHD can be classified into four broad categories; Medications, Therapy, Alternate Medicines and Habits/Lifestyle.


Basically two types of medications are used to relieve the symptoms of ADHD and they are methylphenidate and atomoxetine.

Methylphenidate works by stimulating the level of activity in the brain area which is responsible for attention and behavior. However, for adults it is suggested that this medicine is administered under controlled supervision. Even though it is effective, this medication does have some minor side-effects such as difficulty in sleeping, headaches and reduced appetite for food.

The second commonly used medicine atomoxetine is completely different from because it is a SNRI (Selective Noradrenalin Uptake Inhibitor) and its primary function is to increase level of noradrenalin in the brain. This medicine helps in controlling of impulsive urges and helps in better concentration and focus on a subject. However, this drug is known to cause dizziness, nausea and headaches to children and adults who are prescribed this drug. Furthermore, in worse case atomoxetine can also result in failure of kidneys.


We have seen that medicine can be effective but it also has some undesired side-effects which may be harmful to the patient. Therefore, many parents prefer treating their ADHD diagnosed child with the help of Therapy. For this, there are two types of therapies; Behavior therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Behavior therapy is all about managing the behavior of the patient. It involves reward and punishment for appropriate and inappropriate behavior respectively. For example, rewarding a child for being disciplined and eating properly at the dining table. This also includes praising the child for the little things that are good for him/her and the environment. This will motivate the child and re-enforce the behavior.

The second most common type of therapy CBT involves a professional and licensed therapist who’s main job is to change the perspective of the child by finding out what the that child thinks about a particular situation. If the thinking of the child is inappropriate for a described situation then the therapist will try to rectify the thinking of the patient.


Some people are not comfortable with medicine or therapy at all. For them, there are alternate ways to control and reduce the symptoms of ADHD. These alternate treatments include restriction of certain food or adopting some healthy activities.

Parents should prepare a diet plan for their child which minimizes the intake of artificial food colors and preservatives as they have been linked with causing hyperactivity in some children. Also allergic food and things should be avoided if you think the child is vulnerable to potential allergens such as eggs, milk, peaches, peanut and etc.

The parents should also add certain supplements to the diet of a child to aid in improving the symptoms. These symptoms generally include Zinc, L-carnitine, magnesium and vitamin b6.

Furthermore, a good relaxing massage every once in a while has also proven to be effective in helping reduce the symptoms.


I would conclude by saying that the treatment options mentioned above are just for informational purposes and is in no way meant to be an alternate to the consultation and treatment of a professional doctor. However, I would like to add that the best treatment is one that is equally balanced between medications, therapies and behavioral changes.

10 marvellous money saving life hacks

Budgeting and money is not that hard. Various ways have been discovered to save money. You can save a lot of money by simply altering the way you shop, clean, and do other chores. You can also learn some tricks by continuing reading.

  1. Save your money on groceries

It is easy to save money on groceries by using some cool applications like Ibotta and Checkout51. These apps give you cash back on your grocery store shopping. Just scan the receipts after you shop, and TA DA within a week you will save about $5. J

  1. Repair instead of buying new

It is better to repair things that you can rather than wasting money on buying new. For example, you have sat down to watch TV, but unfortunately your phone is dead. You instinct would be to replace the battery, you are also out of new batteries or you just have one new battery. Instead of buying new battery you can simply take out a screw or bolt from your junk drawer and place it just like a battery. Your remote would work just fine, because the juice from one battery is enough to power a small device like a remote control.

  1. Save money with Kool-Aid

You can easily save money by using Kool-Aid for your toilet. Just dump a packet of grape Kool-Aid in the tank of your toilet, and do not flush for like an hour. Then, if you observe purple water in the toilet bowl, you would know that there is a leakage in your toilet that you could not even hear. It is not only wasting water, but money as well. It is usually fixed cheaply and easily.

  1. Use a clothesline

Drying clothes on clothesline may be an old-fashioned way, but hey it saves money. Yes, you can save a generous amount of money by drying clothes on clothesline instead of using an electric dryer. This way your clothes will also last much longer.

  1. Discount gifts cards

You can save money by shopping with discount gift cards. The websites of gift card exchange, sell discounted card.  You can stock up and use them instead of cash for your next shopping.

  1. Make your own fabric refresher

It is not a good idea to waste four or five bucks on a fabric refresher. It is something that you can make by yourself. Just take a small spray bottle, and pour a cup of warm water in it. Take one teaspoon of baking soda and add to the bottle by using paper funnel. Then add 1tbsp of fabric softener, and shake up the bottle. Let it settle for five minutes and then use. It would smell great. J


  1. DIY Eco-friendly cleaner

Instead of wasting money on house cleaners which contains harsh chemicals, and most of the time you cannot even use it on the surface where you cook food. So it’s time you make your own eco-friendly cleaner that would help you save some money. Get a spray bottle and add 2tsp of baking soda, and then add 1tsp of dish soap. Then to activate it, all you need to pour 3tbsp of vinegar into the bottle, and lastly add some warm water. Now just give it a shake and you are good to go.

  1. No spend day

You can save a lot of money by having a ‘no spend’ day. It will be hard to not to spend money an entire day, but you have to give it a shot in order to save some money.

  1. Kitchen garden

By growing your own vegetables, you’d be spending less money on groceries. Plus, it would be healthier. You can Google ‘grow food, not lawns’ for tips on how to grow vegetables in your garden.

  1. Pay with cash

Scientific research has studied that people are likely to spend more while using credit cards, as cash seems more scarce to people. So it is better to carry cash, so that you would spend less.


10 weight loss life hacks

Losing weight can be a demanding task, but with some dedication you can achieve your desired weight. Here are some useful tricks that will help you in losing weight quickly.

  1. Consume Coconut oil

Scientific research has shown that the consumption of coconut oil helps in reducing weight, because it is quickly absorbed in the body for energy and it is not stored as fat. So just consume 1 or 2tbsp a day.

  1. Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated and helps you in reducing weight. The heart of a hydrated body pumps blood more easily to the muscles. As a result of which the muscles work efficiently which helps the fats to dissolve in the body.

  1. Walk as much as you can

Walk is always the best option to reduce weight. It is healthy to walk for 20 minutes a day. It would be better if you make walking a habit if yours. Try by using stairs rather than escalator or elevator. You will observe that you are not losing weight, but also becoming healthier.

  1. Smell Cinnamon

Smelling some cinnamon helps in increasing the sense of alertness before workout sessions. It also motivates and energizes your naturally. Instead of taking caffeine, you can try smelling cinnamon.

  1. Eat vegetables and fruits

Consumption of more fruits and vegetables is beneficial for weight loss. As we all know that fruits and vegetables are low in calories, they are highly effective for your diet. It will not only fulfil your daily nutrient requirement, but also won’t add to your weight. Some fruits are very beneficial to make digestive system healthy.

  1. Contrast Shower

Contrast shower is really helpful in achieving peaceful sleep, which ultimately helps you in weight loss. All you have to do is take warm shower for 3 minutes and cold shower for 30 seconds; this will first relax then contacts your blood vessels. As a result, you will sleep peacefully and get more energy to do workouts next morning.

  1. Eat less Carb

By consuming less Carbohydrate you can reduce 2 pounds weight a week. Ideally you must eat less than 75 grams of carbohydrates a day. The less you eat, the faster you will reduce weight. J

  1. Avoid junk food

It is better to eat home cooked meals, as they are healthier than the pre-package food. If you want to lose weight then you must stop consuming item that contains sugar, fructose, corn syrup, and glucose as major components. Also avoid junk food of the supermarket. The more you eat healthier food, the faster your weight will be reduced.

  1. Stare the colour blue

Have you noticed that mostly yoga classes have blue wallpaper? Wonder why? Scientific research has shown that the blue colour makes you feel full, and is considered as appetite suppressant. This is the reason mostly restaurants have yellow and red colours in their logos and wallpapers because these colours boost eating.

  1. Watch less TV

Some science research has shown that people eat more while they watch TV. So it would be better if you watch TV less, and spend more time doing other activities.

10 tips and tricks for apple watch


This post is a shoutout for all those people who recently bought their apple watch and excited to use it. Here are some awesome tips and tricks for it.

  1. Find your iPhone

It is one of the coolest features of Apple watch that it can ping your phone. Even if you are unable to find the phone in your home, you can use your Apple watch to ping your iPhone. It will emit a noise that will make it locatable. To do that, you have to put your Apple watch on the watch face mode. From there you can activate Glances by swiping upwards. Then simply tap the ‘Ping iPhone’ button. Voila, you are good to go.

  1. Power reserve mode

Power reserve mode shuts down most of the device’s functions and save the battery. Apple has claimed that under this mode the device can last for about 72 hours. You can turn on this option from Glances setting, by selecting power reserve.

  1. Check time discreetly

This option is best when you are in boring class and want to check time discreetly. Using this feature you can check time without raising your wrist. All you have to do is twist the digital crown upwards and the screen will brighten up so that you can peek in the time.

  1. Take a screenshot

It is so cool to take the screenshot with your watch. You can take screenshot by holding down the digital crown and the action button below it at the exact same time. Images will be saved in the camera roll of you iPhone. In watchOS 3 you will have to enable screenshot by going to the General and enable screenshot on or off.

  1. Use Siri

As Apple watch does not keypad. Then you must make Siri your best friend. Through voce command you can easily use your watch no matter what. J You can start the Siri function by log-press on the digital crown.

  1. Set your Alarm

It is pretty cool to set the alarm on your wrist watch. All you have to do is select the alarms app on your Apple watch. Then firmly press the display, tap new and change time. You can also use Siri to set alarm.

  1. You can scribble your message

In new Apple watch the Digital Touch has moved to Messages. If you wish to write a note to your friend rather than dictating one, just scroll down to the bottom of a message thread and press the scribble button. TA DA you just learned an amazing hack. 😉

  1. Take selfies with your Apple watch

So the new Apple watch also controls your iPhone camera, which is pretty awesome. Isn’t it? Just open the camera app on your Apple watch and take as many selfies as you want. You would also want to know that the watch vibrates, so that you would know that the selfies has been saved in your camera roll. You can also set timer for your selfies by clicking watch button.

  1. Control your emails

With your Apple watch you can reduce the amount of emails. Just swipe to the left to delete or forward them.

  1. Turn voice over on

The voice over option can be very helpful while using Apple watch. In the setting option you can turn on the voice over option and enjoy your life.


Android Vs. iOS

In the early 90’s the world was finally heading towards peace with the end of the Cold War. Little did they know, that after 25 odd years the world would face another war that will be on a much larger scale than the WW2 and the consequences of which will possibly alter the face of this Earth by completely transforming our lives. Yes! I’m talking about the mobile operating system war between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS that has been waging on for almost five years now. These two operating systems have captured more than 90% share of smartphone’s operating systems and has divided the world into two factions. The Android lovers and the iOS fanboys. In this article, I will present the perspective of both the parties and leave you to make your conclusion.


Was born in the middle of 2007 and hasn’t taken a step wrong since its inception. iOS is exclusive to and can only run on devices manufactured and assembled by Apple as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV. You cannot customize your Apple device’s OS unless you jailbreak your device by bypassing the restrictions. The operating system is based on OS X and UNIX. You can only transfer the media files and data through iTunes.

Android OS:

Released one year after the release of iOS and according to experts, it has overtaken iOS as the leader in the smartphones with the stats and figures to confirm this claim. Android is highly customizable, and there are many custom Android based operating systems out there like the Cyanogen mod. Android is not exclusive to Google and can run on almost any device out there. Android apps are relatively easy to make and as a result, there are more than 1 million apps on the Google Play store alone.


By the look of things, Android seems to be winning the battle because of its accessibility and affordability. However, it doesn’t have that premium feel and user-friendliness that iOS has. Numbers show that the number of Android users is twice that of iOS user. But, Hey! There aren’t many rich people either.