Android Vs. iOS

In the early 90’s the world was finally heading towards peace with the end of the Cold War. Little did they know, that after 25 odd years the world would face another war that will be on a much larger scale than the WW2 and the consequences of which will possibly alter the face of this Earth by completely transforming our lives. Yes! I’m talking about the mobile operating system war between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS that has been waging on for almost five years now. These two operating systems have captured more than 90% share of smartphone’s operating systems and has divided the world into two factions. The Android lovers and the iOS fanboys. In this article, I will present the perspective of both the parties and leave you to make your conclusion.


Was born in the middle of 2007 and hasn’t taken a step wrong since its inception. iOS is exclusive to and can only run on devices manufactured and assembled by Apple as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV. You cannot customize your Apple device’s OS unless you jailbreak your device by bypassing the restrictions. The operating system is based on OS X and UNIX. You can only transfer the media files and data through iTunes.

Android OS:

Released one year after the release of iOS and according to experts, it has overtaken iOS as the leader in the smartphones with the stats and figures to confirm this claim. Android is highly customizable, and there are many custom Android based operating systems out there like the Cyanogen mod. Android is not exclusive to Google and can run on almost any device out there. Android apps are relatively easy to make and as a result, there are more than 1 million apps on the Google Play store alone.


By the look of things, Android seems to be winning the battle because of its accessibility and affordability. However, it doesn’t have that premium feel and user-friendliness that iOS has. Numbers show that the number of Android users is twice that of iOS user. But, Hey! There aren’t many rich people either.